Nationwide Hotel Loan Source - We only work with trusted proven hotel loan providers.

Hotel loan facilitators of purchase, refinance, PIP and construction hotel loans.

Hotel loan providers include SBA, private, hard money, mainstream banks, hotel equity investors.

An SBA 7a hotel loan max amount $5,000,000. No broker fee.
The SBA 504 hotel loan max amount $12,000,000. No broker fee.

Private money hotel loan max amount typically $50,000,000 with exceptions.
Hard money hotel loan max amounts are usually no more than $20,000,000 and can be used for acquisition bridge, refinance, construction or PIP loans.
Our mainstream banks and equity investors can finance a hotel loan for up to $200,000,000 with a minimum loan amount of $2,000,000 and minimum equity investment of $10,000,000.

We can arrange a hotel loan for all 50 states D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Hotel and resort loans in the 50 contiguous states have a minimum $1,00,000 loan amount.
Resort and hotel loans for Puerto Rico start at $3,000,000.

Private and hard money bridge loans for hotel purchases and refinance is a few as 10 working days.

If you need a hotel loan quickly for any reason we can close in as little as 10 work days if all required documentation, hotel appraisal and title work is readily available.
In many cases we can provide a term sheet within 24 hours of discussing your hotel loan with the check writer.
Canada and EU hotel loan opportunities.

Hotel loan and equity / mezzanine opportunities in Canada and the EU are of great interest if the opportunity involves a prime property and a quality sponsor.

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